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February Full Moon Cards

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel which crystal and/or cards that your soul is drawn towards.

Rose Quartz ~ Smoky Quartz ~ Citrine Quartz

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Rose Quartz ~ St. Josephine Bakhita ~ Maya Deren ~ Intuition ~ 2 of Pentacles

St. Josephine Bakhita

Saint Josephine reveals our greatest strength from within and teaches the power of resilience amidst great challenges. Where there are repeat cycles, Josephine will help you break free once and for all. She releases toxic ties that bind, and helps us see ways out of our spiritual and emotional bondage. There is nothing that Josephine has endured that you cannot. So, keep pushing on, keep up your faith.

Maya Deren

You are ready to awaken your creative spirit, and Maya urges you to set your own sails and own power of the artist within. Manifesting energies are heightening and Maya neutralizes fixed ideas and breaks down our ego's barriers that hold us back from accepting fluidity and spontaneity in life. Maya's energy confronts self-doubt and calms nervous energy to clear anxiety-driven blocks. Her works in synchronicities can trigger an acceleration of spiritual awakenings if you are ready.


Everyone possess intuition to varying degrees. In order to truly access and attune to your intuition, look within. Avoid over-analyzing and excessive thinking and just allow the answers to come to you.

Two of Pentacles

Now is the time of a difficult decision weighing down on you and you must keep balance and focus on how you FEEL about the situation. You have already weighed the pros and cons, so with St. Josephine and Maya by your side, follow your intuition and choose the path that brings you happiness because the finances will balance out in the end.

Smoky Quartz ~ St. Francis ~ Edgar Cayce ~ Protection ~ The World

St. Francis

Saint Francis of Assisi awakens you to the importance of creating sacred space within your environment and paying attention to the way that you are living your life. Are you holding onto grudges? Now is the time to forgive, let go, and love.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce encourages you to facilitate deep access to the subconscious and brings spiritual awareness through memories, stabilizing emotions, and revealing reoccurring problems at the natural source. He can illuminate areas within the body to encourage medical care and comfort, uncover buried subconscious memories to facilitate healing, and help you reconnect with your guides and loved ones in the spirit realm.


Keeping your immediate space organized, clutter-free, and clean is an effective way to protect your psychic energy. Protection comes in many forms, sometimes it's a physical attribute, sometimes it's emotional, or spiritual, or even mental. Be sure to design your life in a way that brings safety and security in all forms.

The World

Just like the three cards before this one, it encompasses a variety of subjects. The World opens many opportunities for you. As one cycle ends a new begins. Success is imminent. Forgive others, forgive yourself, let go of grudges, clean your environment, meditate and enjoy your successes.

Citrine Quartz ~ St. Jude ~ Emanuel Swedenborg ~ Trust ~ Three of Cups

St. Jude

Saint Jude conjures courage through dark storms, and strength from deep within the soul. He reminds us to remember the light that comes after the night. Although we must carry our own torch, there are those who will help us if we ask. Saint Jude draws closely to those who feel utterly lost; are within deeply desperate circumstances, suffering trauma, experiencing grief and hopelessness, and are in search for rescue.

Emanuel Swedenborg

Emanuel works to eradicate confusion by untangling mental blockages, enables us to unite logic with intuition and deep spirituality. Speak carefully and clearly to ensure proper communication. Pay attention to the little signs such as seeing feathers or electricity turning on-and-off around you, as spirit guides seek to awaken you back into spiritual awareness. He challenges our notions of the unknown, gently pushing us to face our mortality and time in the world. Are you working to live, or just living to work?


When we lose sight of of our place within the bigger picture, broken trust can lead to blame and bitterness, restricting our capacity to live in the moment and fully give and receive with a whole heart. The presence of this card highlights your need to trust your judgement, or that of another person or situation. Now may be the time to confront old patterns seeded by a lack of trust, or a propensity to misplace trust in some way.

Three of Cups

Knowing that you are supported by St. Jude and Emanuel in this time of darkness can help you to trust yourself and pay attention to the Universe around you so that the Three of Cups is able to bring the success, happiness, and celebration that it so often signifies. The Three of Cups talks of togetherness and