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More Tower Moments in My Chaotic Life

For those of you that have been reading my newsletters for a while and following the chaos that I manage on a daily basis I want to thank you for your patience and understanding during the difficult times that our family has faced this past year. As many of you know, my 25 year old daughter, Keely, was diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkin's Lymphoma last August. She has since completed the six months of chemotherapy and her most recent CT scans were clear so we are hopeful that she is fully in remission and will live a long, healthy life.

Now we face a new challenge. Her father (my ex-husband), Mitch, was diagnosed with Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma (kidney cancer) in November 2021 and things are progressing in a downward spiral. His cancer has metastasized to his brain. He is now experiencing intense pain and partial paralysis on the left side of his body as well as cognitive impairment making it impossible for him to work or live on his own so he is coming to live with us where we can monitor and care for him.

So, I find myself asking you all for more patience and understanding as we enter this next level of chaos together.

I still intend to do in-person readings, classes, and Talkin' Tarot Tuesdays in my home, just not in my office for now. We have converted my office into Mitch's room, so readings will be done in my front room. I will keep to my posted hours as much as possible but there may be times where my availability is lessened due to doctor appointments. For the best availability please schedule your appointment at least 24-48 hours in advance.

Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, and continued support. I am still here for you too.

I really do have some incredible and amazing clients (yes you!) and I couldn't be more grateful.

I want to assure you that you will still receive the same level of privacy as when I was reading in my office, even during the summer months while my children are home, they know that when clients are here they are not to interrupt.

For future updates please sign up for my newsletter on my website:

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