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Pick A Card - January 24, 2020

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel which crystal/card that your soul is drawn towards.

Quartz Crystal - Crane

You will soon enter into a beneficial partnership. Luck and longevity bless this union. The Crane sounds the call to empowering your relationships. Pay attention to those stepping forward into your life right now. Be aware of what you are attracting at this time. Is it good for you? If it is, take the leap of faith and go for it.

Amethyst - Ostrich

The choice is clear for you now. Follow the wisdom and truth you feel in your heart. Now is the time to reflect on your personal journey. The Ostrich urges you to begin to move ideas and energy out of the mental realm and start to apply this information in a practical way. Using knowledge is the way to move forward in life. Lower your head occasionally like the Ostrich, not to bury it, but to look deeply inward. Honor what is true and just in your own heart.

Rose Quartz - Chickadee

The time is right to release old patterns and energies. You are ready to embrace change. The Chickadee reminds us of the value of examining our lives to assess where there is room for letting go so that we may make room for the new. Make certain to examine your communications - to others as well as yourself - to notice what patterns or habits may be weighing you down. Pay attention to words, actions, and signs of changes to come.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger By Alison DeNicola