Destiny Number: Sometimes called the Name Number, the Destiny Number indicates what talents and aptitudes you were born with, what you are destined to do in your life, and how you can best utilize your talents and interests to be successful.

Soul Number: Also called the Heart Number or Urge Number, the Soul Number helps you discover the real, inner you, including your values, hopes, wishes, dreams, and innermost desires as well as your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes toward life and love.

Personality Number: This number tells you about the outer you, or what you project to those around you. The Personality Number doesn’t always convey the real you—only the impression you make on others.

Intensification Numbers: An above-average amount of certain letters and their corresponding values in your name are how you find your Intensification Numbers. They can tell you more about your personality.

Karma Numbers: Any letters you’re missing in your full birth name and its corresponding number value indicate your Karma Numbers. These numbers tell you the skills and attributes you may need to cultivate to help you better handle situations in your lifetime.

Subconscious Response Number: This number reveals how you instinctively act in an emergency—in other words, whether you’re apt to panic or remain calm.

Point of Security Number: The Point of Security Number indicates what you have within you to be successful both personally and professionally, no matter what obstacles come up in your life.

Birthday Number: This number simply comes from the day you were born, reduced to a single digit if necessary. The Birthday Number tells you what traits you have in common with people born on that day, no matter the month.

Life Path Number: Your Life Path Number gives you clues to your opportunities in life and what you may need to learn in order to accomplish your goals.

Pinnacles and Challenges: Pinnacles give you an overview of positive circumstances and events you may encounter during certain periods of your life, whereas Challenges foretell potential bumps in the road you’ll encounter in reaching your Pinnacles.

Personal Year Number: This number is calculated by using your birth month, birth date, and the year in which you last celebrated your birthday. Based on a nine-year cycle, the Personal Year Number indicates the influences for the year you’re in, and what you should or can do about it

Triad Numbers: These numbers are calculated using your birth month, day of birth, the four-digit year in which you were born, the four-digit year in which you celebrated your last birthday, your age at your last birthday, and your Life Path Number. The Triad Numbers reveal more detailed information for each of the four-month periods within your Personal Year.

Maturity Number: This number is meant for your middle-age years and gives hints about how to make the most of your “golden years”.

Malefic Numbers: These refer to the numbers 14, 16, and 19. You may see the Malefic Numbers as your calculations for your Core Numbers before you reduce them to a single digit, or they may be around you on addresses, license plates, and so on. Despite the name,