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Readers' Studio 2019

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

This was my first year attending Readers' Studio and I must admit that it was a bit overwhelming. Usually I prefer to sit back and observe people and situations before I interact with them but in this case I felt as though I was thrown in head-first for four days into this wild ride alongside hundreds of other people that were there for the same reasons.

My husband Chris and I arrived at LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday night and attempted to get settled in. I reached out to those I knew from Northwest Tarot Symposium in Oregon to try to feel a little more comfortable.

We went downstairs and I introduced my husband to my friend, Angelo Nasios. Things were starting to feel a little more relaxed. I had no idea what I was in for on Thursday and beyond.

Thursday was Divination Day at the Readers Studio, a three-session workshop exploring different modes of divination - Lenormand, Crystal Ball Readings, and Milagro Charm Casting.

The first workshop was presented by my friend and soul-sister, the beautiful and incomparable Rana George, her presentation entitled Psychic Lenormand was amazing and really drove home the truth that we are all psychic and that we really need to practice regularly to strengthen our psychic muscle.

Heatherleigh Navarre‘s workshop, Divining into the the Depths: Crystal Ball Scrying for Modern Mystics was very intriguing. I had never really been interested in Crystal Ball Scrying before this workshop. She provided everyone in the room with a crystal ball to use and a no-nonsense approach to doing so. I found her to be very down-to-earth and easy to talk to and it was a pleasure getting to meet her and learn from her.

The last workshop of the day came from Carrie Paris, The Art of Casting Miracles. Her new Milagro Oracle, the charm casting kit we used throughout her workshop, was very unique and interesting. I really enjoyed how she concentrated on setting intentions to achieve the miracles that you want to have present in your life. Carrie is so easy to talk to and really want to help you understand how her charm casting kits work.

On Friday, the Readers Studio Tarot Conference hosted the amazingly talented Ethony, who introduced her 13 Tarot Muses. She explained how these individual Muses/Goddesses preside over different kinds of tarot readings and how they can be invoked to assist you in your readings. It was a fascinating concept.

On a side note, Ethony is one of the few people that intimidate me and I find it very difficult to approach her. Don't get me wrong, she is incredibly nice and outgoing but for some reason I am completely silent around her and Benebell Wen, it's as though I am tongue-tied and unable to speak in their presence. Which for those of you who know me know that is a rather odd response from me. I am just so impressed with both of their work within the tarot community. So I was very socially awkward on Friday when I shared a table with Ethony and Benebell.

Anyway, Saturday's presentations started with world renowned medium and former circus clown, George Koury, entitled The Peter Pan Reading, a seemingly simple reading that helps you to discover your life purpose. A reading that will come in quite handy with the majority of my clients.

The final presenter for Readers Studio this year was the fun and amazing Sasha Graham, and her presentation of the Seven Sacred Cornerstones of Constant Magic.

Sasha used the Seven of Cups card to show us how each one of those cups relates to a specific Major Arcana card and taught us ways in which to work with the energy of each.

I very much enjoyed Readers Studio overall and would highly recommend that you attend next year if you are considering it, I met a lot of amazing people.

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