Client Reviews

"This was my first tarot reading and let me just say it was crazy accurate! I couldn't believe how much she was able to see from just looking at the cards...I was feeling so stuck in my life and after my reading I feel so much better about the direction my life is heading in." ~ Heather S.

"Always a thorough reading. Cat goes into great detail, never misses a beat, and isn't afraid to tell the truth! I would recommend you give both Lenormand and Tarot a go-around,well worth the money spent!" ~ Josh T.

"Absolutely wonderful! In my opinion Catiara carries herself with grace and style. Her infinite wisdom is abounding!" ~ Diana A.

"Truly amazing!!! I had goosebumps. Thank you for everything!"

~ Leah V.

"If any of you here are interested in learning about Tarot, please consider taking a class with an amazing friend, Catiara! I recently had the pleasure of attending this class. Catiara has been reading, studying, & teaching tarot for some twenty years. Her style of teaching as well as her incredible insights were wonderfully imparted & all questions answered without judgement. Take her class! There is so much to learn! Thank you Catiara Marie, for your time & knowledge!" ~ Helene M.

"Tarot card reading with Catiara and she was 💯 for my past and present, let’s see if her predictions are accurate for future!? I have a strong feeling they are because my life is just made up of cycles and that’s pretty much what she said is coming my way!" 

~ Morgan W.

"I need to go see my favorite tarot card reader Catiara today when I get off work..."~ Morgan C.

"I attended the 3 Card Tarot Reading class last week. Full satisfied customer! Hands on experience with guidance was terrific. I walked out with specific information to improve my personal readings. Highly recommend attending one of the other sessions this month." ~ Julie L.

"Catiara is AMAZING. She pulls no punches, calls it like she sees it, and gives you a thorough reading. Highly recommend." ~ Angela K.

"Catiara gave me an incredibly clear reading that answered current questions and gave me things to look forward to."~ Becky H.

"I just got my cards read by Catiara Marie at The Gypsy Parlor. All I can say is I am excited and scared for my future." ~ Heather R.