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Client Reviews

Catiara was wonderful and kind. My reading was so clear and validating. All of the questions I asked were answered, and I left with a sense of knowing what really matters and way less stress about how I should proceed. She was also spot on as far as current events and what the path forward could look like. I look forward to visiting her again. Thank you! ~ Brianna A.

"This was my first tarot reading and let me just say it was crazy accurate! I couldn't believe how much she was able to see from just looking at the cards...I was feeling so stuck in my life and after my reading I feel so much better about the direction my life is heading in." ~ Heather S.

"Always a thorough reading. Cat goes into great detail, never misses a beat, and isn't afraid to tell the truth! I would recommend you give both Lenormand and Tarot a go-around,well worth the money spent!" ~ Josh T.

"Absolutely wonderful! In my opinion Catiara carries herself with grace and style. Her infinite wisdom is abounding!" ~ Diana A.

"Truly amazing!!! I had goosebumps. Thank you for everything!" ~ Leah V.

"If any of you here are interested in learning about Tarot, please consider taking a class with an amazing friend, Catiara! I recently had the pleasure of attending this class. Catiara has been reading, studying, & teaching tarot for some twenty years. Her style of teaching as well as her incredible insights were wonderfully imparted & all questions answered without judgement. Take her class! There is so much to learn! Thank you Catiara Marie, for your time & knowledge!" ~ Helene M.

"Tarot card reading with Catiara and she was 💯 for my past and present, let’s see if her predictions are accurate for future!? I have a strong feeling they are because my life is just made up of cycles and that’s pretty much what she said is coming my way!" 

~ Morgan W.

"I need to go see my favorite tarot card reader Catiara today when I get off work..."~ Morgan C.

"I attended the 3 Card Tarot Reading class last week. Full satisfied customer! Hands on experience with guidance was terrific. I walked out with specific information to improve my personal readings. Highly recommend attending one of the other sessions this month." ~ Julie L.

"Catiara is AMAZING. She pulls no punches, calls it like she sees it, and gives you a thorough reading. Highly recommend." ~ Angela K.

"Catiara gave me an incredibly clear reading that answered current questions and gave me things to look forward to."~ Becky H.

"I just got my cards read by Catiara Marie at The Gypsy Parlor. All I can say is I am excited and scared for my future." ~ Heather R.

"Where do I start? I love Catiara’s energy. I love her openness. It is okay to go in as a skeptic. I’ve always loved tarot and I am very intuitive. I wanted confirmation. My first reading, I went in silently and asked for a general reading. She read me like a book. Now, I’m an open book, and so is Cat. If I wasn’t on a budget, I’d go to see her more often. I schedule with her once a month. Please go at least once. I know that you will be pleasantly surprised." ~ Rebecca D.

"I can’t express enough how Cat has opened my thoughts to the possibility that there are many opportunities in life I don’t see. I firmly believe that the future is not set in stone, our futures depend on the decisions we make on a moment by moment basis. Cat doesn’t tell me “it’s like this” she shows me the possible outcomes of different decisions I could possibly make... Cats readings are surprisingly accurate!!!! Have a reading by Cat, you won’t regret it!!" ~ Mitch W.

"Catiara is the most incredible tarot reader that I have met! All the help and knowledge she has passed to me has always been helpful!!! Thank you" ~ Melia K.

"I had my first reading today with Catiara and it was a very interesting and insightful session. She was very spot on about what I had been going through. She validated my own intuition, and gave me much hope for the future. I would definitely recommend anyone to try it, you won’t be disappointed." ~ Makenzie M.

"I have been getting tarot card readings from Catiara for several years now. She is always spot on with everything she sees and has no problem being blunt about it. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!" ~ Morgan K.

"She is absolutely amazing!! You will notice right away she is an experienced tarot reader. I have had several readings from Catiara and every single one of them have been spot on. I also found in how she does her readings she is able to provide you with a direction, purpose, and resolve to whatever you might need clarity on. You won't be disappointed!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a tarot card reading that is accurate and professional." ~ Yvette F.

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