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Am I alone?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

I'm in a really weird place right now. I've been reading Tarot Cards for over 25 years and Lenormand cards for over 8 years, but somehow I feel like I am starting my career all over again. Now that tarot has become mainstream, there are thousands of books and decks and tarot readers and online courses everywhere, which is awesome but intimidating.

While I have full confidence in my tarot reading ability, I have much less confidence in my marketing and advertising abilities. I am not very tech savvy and am very much introverted.

I have spent many years teaching tarot to small groups or individuals but now everyone wants online classes that they can do at their own pace and on their own time or in large group sessions. It's overwhelming just thinking about developing an entire online course.

I don't really fit in with the current style of tarot readers on social media or at metaphysical fairs either. I am an old-school fortuneteller. I do predictive readings that occasionally explore inner emotional traumas that have an impact on current and future circumstances but true shadow work is not my main focus. While I am a psychic intuitive, I am not a medium. I don't give messages from crossed-over loved ones, long deceased ancestors, spirit guides, or angels.

I've been reading tarot longer than a lot of TikTok readers have been alive. I became a witch before it was trendy. I prefer real books to kindle or audiobooks. I'd rather meet for coffee than send SnapChats. I feel like a dinosaur, on the verge of extinction.

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